2017 Photo Contest Share your “Red” with Mitsubishi Motors Vol.2 Thank you all for your
fantastic entries.

You can view the winning photos below.
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Terms & Conditions

About This Contest

[Contest Overview]

Please upload photos related to each theme to the website. After uploading your photos, please feel free to post on social media using the hashtag #With_Mitsubishi_Motors. (*Posting on social media is not required.) Please participate in this contest only after agreeing to the About This Contest and the Terms.

[Entry Period]
  • -Share your “Red” with Mitsubishi Motors
    8/1 - 8/31/2017 Japan Standard Time
[Announcement of Winners]

After the campaign ends, winners will be selected after a careful review process and announced on this website toward the end of April 2017. The announcement date is subject to change depending on circumstances.
Please be aware that we will not respond to inquiries regarding judging criteria or results.


As a prize for the winners, their photos will be posted on the Mitsubishi Motors Official Facebook Page.


To make an inquiry about the Photo Contest, please use the contact information below. Only inquiries made in English will receive a response. Inquiries received in languages other than English will not receive a response.

Regarding the “2017 Photo Contest #With_Mitsubishi_Motors” as held and/or managed by MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (henceforth, “Company”), please carefully read the following in advance. Please make submissions only after consenting to the following.

  • *Not all photographs uploaded will be published. And it may take some time after a submission before your photo appears on the website.
  • *To enter from a smartphone, you must allow your browser access to your camera and folder.
  • *Please ensure that the contents of your images do not violate in any way the intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark rights, of other parties.
  • * If you are going to upload a photograph for which a third party’s consent is required, you are fully responsible for obtaining the third party’s consent yourself. Please enter only when the necessary consent has been obtained.
  • *Eligible images are restricted to original, unpublished photographs taken with a camera belonging to you. Photographs that have been previously used for other purposes or photographs obtained from other parties without their consent will be refused.
  • *If you are going to upload your photographs via a social media service, please follow the terms and conditions of that social media service.
  • *The Company bears no responsibility for any accident, damage to, or loss of data that may occur during the uploading of your photograph.
Regarding Submissions Involving Cars That are Subject to Deletion
  • * Photographs which include content deemed to violate the vehicle or road traffic laws, or vehicles having a high likelihood of unauthorized modification
  • * Photographs which include content suggesting illegal acts and/or dangerous driving
  • *Images displaying the license plate of any vehicle not belonging to you
  • *Any other contents inconsistent with the standards established by the Company
Regarding the Publication and Use of Submitted Photographs
  • *The Company will publish uploaded content and photographs that have passed the review process on this page after they are checked during the operating days of the Company or Allied Architects, Inc., to whom the Company has subcontracted the administration of this Photo Contest. Please be aware in advance that the Company cannot respond to any inquiries regarding publication reviews.
  • *The photograph you upload may be deleted if it is judged to be inappropriate by the Company in its sole discretion.
  • * Please acknowledge that the Company may place or otherwise use the photographs and content which you upload on websites operated by the Company and/or social media sites, including but not limited to Facebook, without any usage fee or attribution to you.


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Article 2: Compliance with the Terms, etc.

The User will comply with the Terms and any rules, regulations, guidelines which are incident to the Terms, including but not limited to About This Contest (henceforth referred to collectively as “the Terms, Etc.”).

Article 3: Provision of Service
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Article 4: Suspension of Service

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(1) Difficulty in providing the Service, including but not limited to impediment to data transfer; natural disaster; social disturbance; hacking, cracking, or any other interference with the Service by a third party; or any cause relating to any of the preceding
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